Mariah Carey

It was an early spring evening in 1990 and Columbia records was rolling out the red carpet to celebrate their newest artist, Mariah Carey.  The exclusive party was held at Carbo’s Cafe Upstairs.  Open bar with top shelf liquors and a smorgasbord of food all entertained the crowd until the curtain opened and an introduction of  Mariah.  Dressed in her signature black body fitting dress, she stood on stage with a couple of backup singers and a piano.  She began with her smash “Vision of Love” and at that moment I was taken with that incredible sultry, smooth voice as it touched on all 5 octaves which led to the first of many standing ovations.  I remember walking up to her in my Z Cavaricci pants and  Gerbeau dress shirt feeling so cool and posing for the picture taken by Atlanta’s own Rick Diamond.  I don’t know who had bigger hair, me  or Mariah!  Even a little chest hair  showing!  We could have gone out on the town.  (We did in my dreams) I thanked her for taking time to perform for us and sign autographs because I knew she was going to be so big that I’d never get the chance to meet her again.  (I did about 10 years later at a Star 94 interview with Steve and Vikki.)  The rest is history.   So, Thank You Mariah for that great moment.  Just one of many I experienced during my time at Star 94/WQXI radio.

One of my favorite Christmas songs by Mariah makes a big splash at sea HERE!