Corporate MC, Emcee and Master of Ceremonies

Emcee, your master of ceremonies or M.C. all mean the same thing.  (Why write out Master of Ceremonies when MC is so much easier, right?!)  Well when clients contact me looking for a Host and M.C. for their event, they usually have searched online spelling emcee or with the shortened M.C. or MC.  A client in Las Vegas found me through a google search and referenced me as M.C. while another in New York inquired about me for their event as their event emcee.  A client in Chicago hired me as their Master of Ceremonies.

I did have a client looking for a motorcycle club and searched Atlanta M.C. and got me!  I appreciate that reference even though I don’t own a bike.  (But I always wear a helmet!)

So whether you’re searching with google, dogpile (try em!), yahoo, aol, ask, or Bing,  I am grateful you found me.  I look forward to hosting your next corporate event.  As your M.C., Emcee or Master of Ceremonies, I’ll make sure the outcome is just one way-Successful.

Come fly with me to The Big Apple!