Skydive! I take a leap of faith from 14,500 feet in the air!!

skydiveWhile working at Star 94 FM radio here in Atlanta, we conducted a contest called “Live in it and win it!”  Whoever stayed in the car the longest won the car.  You had to sleep in the car too!  As a “get out of the car for a hotel room” challenge, anyone who agreed to skydive could sleep in a hotel room and shower for the night.  I accompanied the contestants to Skydive Atlanta to record the adventure.  While there I noticed that my friends Gabriel and Neleh from Survivor had also jumped.  As a five time semi-finalist for Survivor, I knew that I could make the jump too!  I considered it my “immunity challenge” and suited up.  Wendell strapped to my back and Woody my video guy held on in front of me to capture my reaction.  Watch as the person ahead of me jumps out of the plane and see my face fill with fear and at that moment I felt like I was going to get sick and pass out.

Because the air was so stagnant and thick, we had a rough landing.  My coccyx bone was bruised and made sitting down for 2 days difficult.  I’m glad that I accomplished this goal and am happy to never do it again!

Skydiving got you hungry? Chow down here!