Dragnoflies…a symbol of renewal, positive force, the power of life that bring a sense of self that comes with deep introspective.  As a creature of the wind, dragonflies represent change and live their life to the fullest during their time here on earth.  Their eyes may each contain as many as 30 000 individual lenses or ommatidia (your eyes have only one lens each).   Dragonflies are from an ancient order of insects having been here on earth over 300 million years ago!  When my mom passed on several years ago, I had many different encounters with dragonflies.  I have always loved their extraordinary beauty.   One day during the summer, I had just finished watching Kevin Costner’s “Dragonfly” when I went out to the pool and noticed a dragonfly resting on the ledge.  I dove in and came up on the other side and there sat the dragonfly.  He flew around me as if enjoying my playfulness in the water.  The next day while working,  I noticed a dragonfly on the window of my office.  It was raining but he was content to just sit there–18 stories in the air!  Later that morning, I drove my car to an appointment in the midtown area and while waiting for the store to open, a dragonfly flew onto my windshield and seemed to be looking at me.  My door was open and he flew onto the inside of my car window and just rested while I waited.   So when you lose someone very close to you in your life,  stop look and listen for the signs.  They’re all around you.


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