Northeast Georgia Medical Center

vlcsnap-2015-04-02-12h24m06s54A beautiful new hospital is now open in Braselton GA.  Northeast Georgia Medical Center.  The 100-bed hospital is the state’s first net-new hospital, meaning not a relocation or replacement, in almost 20 years. The Braselton campus is also home to a medical office building, Medical Plaza 1, which houses an urgent care center, imaging center, endoscopy suite, outpatient lab and therapy services and more than 20 physician offices.  (I am acting as a doctor visiting my patient as this was filmed prior to the hospital opening.)

Own a signed electric guitar from the group Third Day!

Third Day Signed Electric Guitar

thirddayThis beautiful, rare limited edition Third Day Guitar made by Epiphone (model Special II) is signed by ALL members of the band.  Mac Powell, Samuel Tai Anderson, David Carr, Brad Brent Christopher Avery, Mark Lee and Scotty Wilbanks!   “I consider Scotty the 6th member of the group” says Tom. (At that time Brad was still with the band.)  Guitar celebrates the Third Day smash album “Wherever You Are.”  This is a true collectible for any music lover.  This is the only guitar of its kind signed by all 6! Tai Anderson is taking some time off from touring to focus on his family.  As much as I love this treasured memorabilia from my favorite band, I have a calling to travel back to Kenya and SERV children, women and men with food, water, shelter, life through SERV International.  This guitar will help me raise the needed funding to travel.  ($3800.)

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this special guitar will go to SERV International Please email me if interested in making a 100% tax deductible donation and owning this great music collectible.  Price: $995.00

Here’s the band making an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Guitar in excellent condition and has only been displayed in home.  Stand included!  (laminated all access passes not included.)



West Jet Santa


WestJet pulled off one of the most brilliant marketing promotions ever by surprising passengers with a virtual Santa at their gate and secretly fulfilling their wishes.  The end result is Christmas magic captured and produced in this fantastic video.  Wishes can come true…but be careful what you wish for!

Here’s how it all came together:

The Canadian company WestJet has many believing in Christmas miracles after a video showcasing the airline’s generosity (and marketing savvy) went viral. The “Virtual Santa” asked unsuspecting Calgary-bound passengers what they would like for Christmas. The customers then boarded their flights from Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario.

The scenes to follow in the video capture the holiday spirit in motion. According to WestJet’s blog, a group of 175 volunteers helped grant more than 250 guests their Christmas wishes. “Santa’s helpers” scrambled to Best Buy, local malls, and department stores to purchase everything from socks and underwear to a flat-screen TV

If you have ever waited for luggage in an airport, you know the anxious feeling in your stomach when the siren goes off and the carousel begins moving. Your only concern is that the airline you flew with didn’t lose your bags. For WestJet’s lucky fliers, a pleasant surprise awaited: The gifts they asked Santa for, boxed and wrapped, came sliding down the chute.

The most captivating moment of the video, which has received well over forty million views, is watching the expressions of those receiving the items. A woman begins crying when she unwraps a camera. A kid exclaims, “No way!” when he finds an Android tablet. Yes, Santa and his helpers also placed on the carousel for the Hughes family the flat-screen TV they’d hoped for.

Perhaps the guy who requested only socks and underwear is regretting his modest wishes, but he looked happy in the video. Hey, refreshing to see someone only ask for what they need, right?

Greg Plata, WestJet’s sponsorship team leader, says the project to make this Christmas miracle a reality began in August.

“We know that Santa has a very busy schedule at this time of year and can’t be everywhere,” Plata wrote on the company’s blog. “So we did what WestJetters do best and helped him spread some Christmas magic to our guests.”

Studio m, which produced this piece as well as the airline’s 2012 flash mob, used 16 cameras throughout three airports and one plane to secretly film the action from check-in to gift pickup.

Flight attendants dancing in the aisles?!! Welcome Aboard!

WestJet’s generosity extends beyond this video. Since the clip surpassed 200,000 YouTube views, WestJet Cares for Kids will donate flights to a family in need through Ronald McDonald House Charities, one of the six charities partnered with its community investment program.

And here is the same surprise in another part of the world!

The Sound of Music

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start!  The Sound of Music is celebrating 50 amazing years as the World’s most beloved musical.  I remember my mom and dad sitting us down to watch the movie and from that moment I was hooked.  I don’t particularly enjoy musicals, but this one reminds me of my mom.  Julie Andrews was always her favorite (as well as my dad’s) and the feel of this film still resonates with me today.  A few years ago I purchased this movie on Blu-ray and then went out and bought a blu-ray player.  WOW!! If you love the movie, see it on blu-ray.  #LifeChanging!!

But oh to be the Captain!!













Here’s a look at the cast 45 years later on The Oprah Winfrey Show.


Delta issues refund after Snow storm rebook


In February of 2014 while emceeing an event in San Francisco, my return flight to Atlanta was cancelled because of a snow storm.  What transpired over 36 hours became a lesson that I’ll always remember.  Fox 5 I-Team reporter Dana Fowle has the story:

After Atlanta’s second big snow event this year, Delta airlines took preventative measures and canceled flights early.  Well-known radio personality Tom Sullivan says he remembers what he was thinking when Delta texted him a message that his flight was canceled.  “I don’t want to get stuck in San Francisco, one of our most expensive cities.”

So, he tried like thousands of other customers to rebook his flight.  “I tried to reach Delta. The lines were jammed,” he said. In the Fox 5 newsroom we were hearing about airline customers with four-and five -hour hold times. We talked with an aviation expert who says this isn’t so unusual.  “When you have 10 or 12,000 people all trying to contact the airline at the same time things do break down. And there’s almost no way to get around that,” said Mike Boyd of the Boyd Group International.

Tom plugged away.  He said, “I logged into my Skymiles account. Tried to use the link they gave me to book another flight, and the links weren’t working.”  What he did next nearly cost him more than $1,000. You see, he booked two new tickets for himself and his traveling companion, on his own, outside of that rebooking system.  The good news: He got on a flight the next day, one day before the big February storm white washed Atlanta. The bad news: When Tom Sullivan requested a “full refund” for the rebooked tickets Delta Airlines response was ‘no’.  “When weather shuts an airport like Atlanta down, trust me, 80 percent of the passengers think it’s the airline’s fault and the airline owes me, which is not fair or accurate, but it’s reality,” Mike Boyd added.

But, if you really think you’re right, this aviation consultant says you should fight.  Mike Boyd said, “Don’t let up, but make sure you’re right and not just angry.”  Tom Sullivan kept pushing. He wrote the CEO. And a week later, his money for the rebooked flight was finally refunded. All of it.  With a big grin Tom Sullivan said, “They turned lemons into lemonade and I learned a really good lesson. Don’t book your own ticket when your flight is canceled.

Sullivan said he asked an agent what he was supposed to do. He says he was told if the phones are jammed, if the Web site isn’t working, and if you want to be sure, 100 percent sure, you’ll get a free, rebooked flight, you have to go to the airport and have one of their agents book the travel for you.

Still, despite the wait times and the computer issues, Mr. Boyd gives the airline an “A” grade for how it handled the situation. Delta’s spokesman wouldn’t say whether Tom Sullivan made a right or wrong choice, but he did throw into the mix two more options. Make you have the Delta app on your phone for updates and try contacting the airline through Twitter @DeltaAssist.

Ever have this happen on a plane?!

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