Monthly Archives: May 2013

Cous Cous Atlanta

Tucked  away on Dutch Valley road across from One Midtown Kitchen is Cous Cous Atlanta, the sister restaurant to Perla Taqueria located just a few blocks away.   Cous Cous takes on an urban Mediterranean American feel with richly colored tables, lighting and style.  I instantly felt at home here.   First stop, the bar! 

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David vs. Goliath: Tom Sullivan’s best eBay advice Fox 5 ATLANTA

I’m excited to be going on my first mission trip with SERV International to Kenya Africa this fall.  The team at SERV has told me just how hot conditions are so I’ve been buying my favorite clothing brand “Ex Officio” on ebay to save money.  Recently I ran into a problem where the item was

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Pumpcast News with Jay Leno

Always love shopping Costco and especially when Pumpcast News is on!  Jay Leno featured a singing and dancing couple who had no idea their trip to the Costco gas station would land them on his show before a National audience! Here’s Part 1, followed by part 2! Thought this was wild at the pump?  Imagine

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