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Kenya Mission Trip with SERV International

In October of 2013 I traveled to Lodwar Kenya for my first ever African Mission Trip with SERV International. The experience was truly “Life change in action” so two years later I felt my spiritual gas tank needed a fill-up so I journeyed back to Kenya with a SERV team of 6 wonderful people who

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Tom on a Mission

In October of 2013 I traveled to Kenya for my first ever mission trip with SERV International.  I’m headed back again this year in September and am working to raise $4,000.  Please support my journey and travel with me (in spirit) by making a donation* HERE.  My goal of $4,000 can be reached thanks to

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SERV International Mission Trip

I recently began taking a big interest in SERV International and the amazing work they are doing in The Dominican Republic and Kenya.  Ahead of a trip to Kenya I decided to dive in and get my feet wet with a Dominican trip first.  What I experienced was greater than I ever imagined.   SERV provides

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