Oprah’s new sister!


Oprah revealed on her show that she has a half sister! Patricia was introduced to the world today during the Oprah Winfrey show.  Continue reading….



Over the past year from time to time I’d look outside and see a shadow of a large bird flying over the yard.  I thought it was one of the many hawks that live on the property…perhaps an owl.  Then, my fish started disappearing from my pond.  Today, I saw the culprit!  A Crane! (Can you spot his yellow eyes through the bushes in the photo above?)  His wingspan is massive for a bird (about as far as I can stretch my arms out and he stands maybe 3 feet tall with his neck fully erect.   Most species of cranes are at least threatened, if not critically endangered, within their range.  I covered up my fish with fencing but my new crane friend keeps coming back daily for that just in case moment!


Another shadow I saw in my backyard! Can you find the dragonfly?

Jeff Foxworthy


This morning I was blessed with the opportunity of attending a Real Estate Prayer breakfast with my close friend Trey Miller.  1,500 people gathered at 7 a.m. in the Cobb Galleria to worship and hear featured speaker Jeff Foxworthy.  I’ve known Jeff since my days on the Steve and Vikki morning show on Star 94 FM.  Any day Jeff joined us on the air was a joyful one!  I’ll always remember the moment I saw a different side of Jeff other than the comedian on stage. During a Third Day concert, my friend David Carr who plays drums for the band invited me backstage to pray with the guys before an Atlanta show.  I was honored and thrilled to be included in such a private moment.  In a dressing room stood Mac, Tai, David, Brad, Mark and Scotty from Third Day and Jeff Foxworthy.  Each member of the band offered up prayers to God, thanking him for their fans, the night that lay ahead and their love of Jesus Christ.  Tears filled my eyes as each spoke to God including Jeff.  Afterwards, David said he could see The Holy Spirit working through me.  It was a powerful moment.

Today, Jeff took the stage and immediately brought the room to laughter.  He wove God into his comedy and then after 10 minutes or so changed direction and told a story of how he began his work with The Atlanta Union Mission.  Every Tuesday, Jeff Foxworthy goes to The Atlanta Union Mission to lead Bible Study with a small group.  Jeff spoke about a time when one of the men took a Bible and tossed it into the trash can in the center of the room.  There were many faces of disbelief.  One of the men stood up and walked over and picked up the Bible from the trash and dusted it off.  “don’t do that to The Bible” he said.  Jeff asked him why and he said years ago his mother passed and left him $70,000 and her most cherished possession, her Bible.  Inside were notes his mom had made while reading.

The man blew through the money, partying non stop day and night and eventually drugs became involved.  The man lost his job, his house and moved to an apartment with only a few suitcases and napsacks.   The parties got more crazy and soon his personal belongings started to disappear.  One of the bags contained his mothers Bible  and now it was gone.  The man was deeply saddened over losing the only remaining treasure of his mom. The man eventually became homeless and started living on the streets.  He did whatever he could to get by.

One day he took a job of helping clean some apartments and buildings 100 miles away.  Another co-worker joined him.  His job was to fill trash bags full of abandoned items and toss them out the window to the man below and be put in a dumpster.   Once the bags stopped, the man went upstairs to see why.  When he got to the second floor, all the trash was gone except a small pile in the corner.  The co-worker said he thought there might be value in some of the items and that he also couldn’t bring himself to toss out a Bible that was left behind.  The man walked over to the corner, picked up the Bible and when he opened it he dropped to his knees and began to cry.  The Bible was his mothers taken months earlier and now resting over 100 miles away in an abandoned apartment.

Today the man works at The Atlanta Union Mission to help bring others into a growing relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank you Jeff Foxworthy for bringing me one step closer to God today.   Jeremiah 29:13  “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”  Seek what you’ve been missing.

Snow MAN!

Yes, he came to life one day!!  Snow Snow Snow all over Georgia today and the most I’ve seen here in a long time since my mom held me up to the window at the hospital I was born in.  May we have enough snow to keep the kid alive in all of us!


More snow coming!!

Ted Williams golden voice heard by many


Ted Williams used to work in radio and was blessed with a “golden voice” but fell on hard times. A reporter from the Columbus Post Dispatch, Doral Chenoweth III, took a video camera to an exit ramp on the freeway where Ted Williams was holding a sign and asking for money. The video went viral and from an appearance on local radio station WNCI to an appearance on NBC’s Today Show, Ted Williams tells his amazing story.

Ted is grateful, humbled and says this time “I have God“. Amen to that brother!

Looking for what Ted has? Find it here.

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