Super “Adventure” Man

When I joined the Steve and Vikki morning show at Star 94, I was positioned as the “Adventure Man” broadcasting on the streets performing various “stunts” to entertain the audience. My first adventure was eating off a strangers plate at a Waffle House! As it turned out, the manager had been pulling a double and was tired–of my antics and called the cops!! We quickly ended the on air entertainment and I explained to him who I was and loaded him up with Star 94 prizes. Thus began many years of morning show fun.

During that time Kevin Benefield of Atlanta Magazine contacted Vikki and said he’d like to profile me for an article in an upcoming issue! So Kevin and Photographer Todd Norwood ventured off one late afternoon to a secluded phone booth to capture my “transformation.”

Mild mannerd dude by day, Adventure man by morning!
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