Ugly Dolls Movie 2019

The new movie Ugly Dolls is resonating with so many people because in a world where we are seeing photoshopped faces and bodies, society telling us to be perfect, there’s a refreshing attitude of “just be who you are!” Listen to the Kelly Clarkson song “I’m Broken and it’s Beautiful.”

There’s only one YOU. Why be anyone else? Celebrate the magnificence that YOU are! Shine your divine light in these official Ugly Doll movie shirts. You’ll win the set of 4 as shown. (3 large and 1 medium)


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Ugly is beautiful

To win:

EMAIL your name and why you want to win!

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Winner chosen at random. Entries must be received by May 20th at midnight e.s.t. Shirts will be mailed. All decisions regarding contest are final. Prize: 4 Ugly Dolls Movie shirts as shown.