Max and the Attitude Adjustment-Photography for kids

I love photography.  When I started shooting in manual mode, there was (and is) a lot to learn.  What threw me many times was the aperture settings.  I felt that a setting of 1.2 (being a low number) would somehow correlate to less available light where on the other hand a setting of 22 was HUGE and lot’s of light coming in! Practice makes perfect.

Recently I was reading a neighborhood newspaper and saw an interview with Brook Hewitt, a local photographer who also teaches photography to children. What caught my attention was her new book “Max and the Attitude Adjustment”, A story about adjusting your camera.  I had to explore this and especially since Brook said the book could even be helpful for adults!! (I remember I received my first Bible in 2010 and needed something simpler so I bought a children’s Bible!)  #BreakItDown

Max is a panda who needs an “adjustment” relating each photo in his day to different problems encountered with incorrect camera settings.  Max finally comes into focus looking great but it took some practice.  That’s where this book can really help kids and kids of all ages.  I finished the book smiling!

You can buy the book HERE.

Here’s my favorite place to photograph nature in Atlanta.