Coca Cola and Special Olympics present a World’s First!

Recently I was invited to Host and Emcee the worlds first interactive 2 way sporting event!   Coca Cola and Special Olympics (partners since 1968) held a basketball game in Marietta GA while a crowd of excited fans also gathered at The New World of Coke in downtown Atlanta.  Monitors were placed inside the basketball arena where fans there could see us cheering them on at The New World of Coke.  (We could also see the game and crowd there on our monitors.)  Francesca Aguilar of Special Olympics says “We’re so excited to connect fans and athletes in a whole new way!

Coca Cola “Open Seating” brought an elevated new level of excitement to the game because we could share our energy, enthusiasm and love for the athletes making the first interactive 2 way sporting event a tremendous success.  Look for the concept to be rolled out at the Special Olympics National Games in 2015 and at other events around the globe.   Thank You to Coca Cola for the invitation to M.C. at “The Happiness Factory” and to Special Olympics for bringing the Gold!   Ready to travel to Africa right now?

Tom Sullivan is a Television Host and Corporate Emcee based in Atlanta Georgia. Tom annually hosts Taste of Atlanta “Chef’s Table” where he shares his love of food with local Chef’s.