I Am Wall

During my many years at Star 94 FM,  I found my involvement at Children’s Healthcare one of the more enjoyable live broadcasts we did…raising money for the hospital.  But it was more than just raising money, it was seeing the smiles on the childrens faces, the healing love of the staff and familes who were blessed by knowing their child was receiving some of the best care available in the country.   During one of the radiothons my friend Stephen Wagner and I ventured to a floor that featured the “I AM WALL” showcasing letters from young children and their thoughts while in the hospital.  On this particular day, dressed in my doctor scrubs and doctor jacket,  I took a microphone and recorder to read some of the letters.  What transpired was more than I had imagined.  Our creative director Paul Bahr added music and the result is a manifestation of the children’s dreams and wishes which became the proudest moment thus far in my entire broadcasting career.  I hope you enjoy it.

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