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Bodies As A Work Of Art

I was delighted to be invited back again as one of the judges in Bodies As A Work Of Art which was held in The Pilot’s Country Club at Peachtree Dekalb Airport.  I landed and immediately had my buddy Eric prepare my favorite Grey Goose Vodka Drink! Now in it’s 3rd year, talented artists are

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New York “Gift for Life”

Gift for Life proudly announces that Party for Life New York (January 2011) raised (drum roll, please….) more than $150,000 on behalf of DIFFA to support HIV/AIDS prevention! “We are thrilled with the generosity of the industry as we raise funds while having tremendous fun,” said Jenny Hammons, Gift for Life chairperson.  “To date we

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92 Savoy Drive – Broadbeach Waters

There are many ways to sell a home…the closet space, the spacious living quarters, the kitchen and bath…the beautiful pool. But how do you get someone to look at your property when there are a million other homes out there?  You hire two models and have them showcase the house in a very creative way! 

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