Casi Cielo

Dive into this and treasure the feel!

I just returned from a culinary vacation to Oaxaca Mexico but didn’t have to pack a bag or even board a plane. I made a short trip to Sandy Springs, GA to Casi Cielo, An upscale cozy restaurant serving an authentic Chef driven menu featuring cuisine from Oaxaca Mexico. Chef Juan Pablo grew up in Bogota, Colombia, in a family who loved cooking. Learning all he could at home, Chef Juan’s love of food grew as he did and he continued to craft his passion working along side awarded Chef’s from all parts of the world including kitchens of Michelin Star restaurants in Panama and Spain.

Chef Juan Pablo who loves creating a lasting memory in dining

After a tour of the immaculate kitchen witnessing the entire made from scratch process and engaging kitchen team, I sat down to enjoy some of the most amazing dishes I’ve ever had!

A gift from the Chef! Pumpkin and Butternut Squash. A Pillow of love.
The Octopus is charred in the exclusive charcoal grill to create a top selling dish. #MustHave
Casi Cielo uses this exclusive charcoal oven for many dishes
Another must have. Pork that melts in your mouth with the homemade Casi Cielo tortillas. You WILL taste the difference.
The duck is succulent and delightful. The entire process takes over 72 hours from time of arrival to final prep before serving. Combine all ingredients to make your own tacos!
A little goes a long way with a higher alcohol content than moonshine! Cheers!!

Each bottle is limited and changes often. Over 50 selections to choose!

Tortillas made from scratch rolled into balls before next step

Tortilla balls are flattened then lightly warmed with no oil!
Final step is cooling over a hot clay type plate
Once duck arrives to Casi Cielo, they’re washed in a salt mixture and brine for several hours, then scraped and left in chiller for 72 hours before cooking
Backstage in the immaculate Casi Cielo kitchen where culinary team prepares every dish with love

Visit Casi Cielo in Sandy Springs located at 6125 Roswell Road. Phone 404-549-9411

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