Ken Rockwell


I’ve always loved photography and over the past several years have grown to love it even more.  I started with Canon at birth!  My first camera was a point and shoot Canon film camera.  I then purchased my first video camera with VHS recorder pack and then upgraded to an all in one unit (much the same size of TV station pro gear.)  Then in 2008 I upgraded my Canon G4 to a Canon 40D.  In February of 2013 I upgraded to a Canon 7D and began a new journey.  Having video capabilities opened my eyes even more!  I traveled to Dominican Republic and Kenya with SERV International on mission trips.  Capturing the essence of these journeys was amazing.   Just a month ago I was having a conversation with Denis Reggie on full frame cameras.  I was looking at the Canon 5D Mark iii when Denis suggested the Canon 6D.

I took to the web and my favorite site Ken Rockwell.  Ken has one of the consistently best sites online in terms of layout, ease of navigation and beautiful up close shots of each piece of gear he’s reviewing.  Ken seems like a great guy who won’t try to up sell the reader because he’s getting a kickback from the big camera companies.  I appreciate his guy next door opinion. (As a matter of fact, Ken stated that he purchases all of his gear.) kenrockwell

There are multiple links on Ken’s site to retailers selling the gear he reviews like B&H Photo, Adorama, Amazon or ebay.  If you use his links he gets a “referral” fee. (This practice is common all over the web.) The way I see it we’re enjoying his website for free and I value his research information.  (I donated a few $ recently to say thanks!)

I check out other sites as well for a second opinion but my first stop is Ken

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