$40,000,000.00 lotto winner gives it all away!



tomcristlottoTom Crist who is 64, won a $40 million lottery jackpot in Calgary and found out while playing a round of golf!  But, he kept quiet (imagine how you would react!) and didn’t tell anyone.


Back in May, Crist — a retired CEO who plays the lotto by subscription — got a phone call notifying him that he had won the major jackpot, according to the Western Canada Lottery.

Tom plans on putting the money into a family trust fund to be doled out to charities in honor of his late wife who died from cancer in February 2012 when she was 57 including the hospital who cared for her during her illness.


Crist, who retired as president and chief executive of electronics company EECOL in September, added that he had done well enough in business to not need the money and is pretty sure his wife would be on board with his plan.   Now that’s tithing to the max.

So if you play the lottery do you ever misplace the ticket?  Imagine losing a ticket that was worth $1,000,000.00!! 

$1,000,000 lottery ticket found in bedroom!

GeorgiaLotteryWInnerLiving in Decatur, local resident Gregory Jarrett, 26, found the forgotten lotto ticket that matched five numbers from the Jan. 15 drawing in his bedroom!

“I was cleaning my room and found the ticket,” Jarrett said in Georgia Lottery press release. “I was sitting on the ticket and didn’t even know it.”

Jarrett had bought the ticket at Northside Food Mart in Atlanta. He claimed his prize Feb. 18. He said the lucky numbers were a combination of his siblings’ birthdays.

So imagine winning $4.85 Million dollars and finding the ticket in a cookie jar!

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