Detox Your Life

The April issue of Women’s Health magazine features a great article on how to Detox Your Life.  Some of the info I didn’t realize including Paper Receipts…40% of the printed slips you get at stores, restaurants, ATMs and the like are coated with BPA (Bisphenol A) which was more commonly found in canned foods.  BPA linked to cancer, obesity, diabetes, infertility and heart disease.  The BPA is dusted onto receipt surfaces to activate the printing dye.  It can rub off on your fingers in seconds and enter the bloodstream within hours.  Wash your hands after handling receipts.

Many spray or plug-in air fresheners hide the fact they emit hormone disrupting chemicals called phthalates with cause infertility. They’re often toxic and linked to obesity.  Opt for the natural air fresheners made from lemon peels and baking soda.  Houseplants like English Ivy and Philodendrons can have detoxifying powers.  Just place 4-5 pots in a big room.

For more see the April issue of Women’s Health.

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