Life of Pi

Life of Pi.  I hadn’t read the book and went into the theater not knowing the story line.  I was taken on a translucent journey of spiritual immersion.   

In 1982, Steven Callahan’s sloop Napoleon Solo, which he designed and built himself, was damaged severely during a storm seven days out from the Canary Islands. He abandoned ship and escaped on an inflatable six-person raft, drifting for 76 days, subsisting on fish, birds and rainwater until he landed on the tourist island of Marie-Galante, south of Guadeloupe. His tale of survival during the long journey — chronicled in Callahan’s Adrift — would end up playing a key role in Life of Pi.


Suraj Sharma’s role as Pi is brilliant.  Many thought it would be impossible to adapt Yann Martel’s Man Booker Prizewinning 2001 novel about an Indian boy named Pi who is lost at sea after the ship he’s aboard with his family — along with the animals from their zoo — capsizes during a violent storm. Everyone is killed but Pi, who ends up on a small dinghy with an orangutan, a zebra, a hyena and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.


Director Ang Lee said Pi was the hardest movie he’s ever made but his vision and dedicated team brought the movie in on time and on budget.  CGI (computer generated imagery) is truly amazing in Life of Pi.  Most of the time you can’t distinguish from what was real and produced on a computer.   A studio tank served as the unforgiving ocean for many of the film’s scenes.


Nighttime adrift at sea…Pi is surrounded by jellyfish and Plankton creating a stunning visual.


In addition the musical score (also nominated for Best Original Score Golden Globes and certainly an Oscar) is magnificent and is part of that translucency I spoke about.  Thank You Mychael Danna for capturing the film’s essence and feel.  #BuyIt.See Life of Pi in Real 3D if you can to fully be engulfed in one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen.  Life of Pi.  My spiritual gas tank runneth over!

Another film I loved for the spirituality and musical score is HERE.


Buckhead Church “Silent Night” with Chris Cauley and Seth Condrey

Chris Cauley and Seth Condrey sing “Silent Night” at Buckhead Church.


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Seth Condrey “Oh Holy Night” Buckhead Church

One of my favorite worship leaders Seth Condrey sings “Oh Holy Night” (while the collection bucket makes the rounds!)

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Buckhead Church Christmas One Day More

The day before the day before and everyone’s running here and there…Buckhead Church celebrates the season with an answer in the style of Les Misérables!  Just one more day!!

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Prepare the Meal Campaign Tom Sullivan

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