Bodies As A Work Of Art

I was delighted to be invited back again as one of the judges in Bodies As A Work Of Art which was held in The Pilot’s Country Club at Peachtree Dekalb Airport.  I landed and immediately had my buddy Eric prepare my favorite Grey Goose Vodka Drink!
Now in it’s 3rd year, talented artists are given a time frame to completely paint their models body from head to toe and any style they want.   There was some amazingly beautiful art on display!!

The Overall Winner of $1,000 from The Chelko Foundation.  Truly amazing work of art…and what a canvas!!

John as The Transformation from ashes to the clouds

Model Logan with artist E. Vincent Martinez

Dancer who performed during show

The very entertaining Mara Davis once again worked the runway as only she can!

Lucy, Mike, Vikki, Tom, Jessica


The End.

Did you see last years art?