Knife & Fork: The Insider’s Guide to Atlanta Restaurants.

While working at Taste of Atlanta last year Inside the Food Studio, I had the pleasure of meeting Christiane Lauterbach  who is Atlanta’s most colorful food critic.  Christiane publishes Knife & Fork newsletter, a monthly publication that takes you inside Atlanta restaurants for a no holds barred honest review of local eateries.  I love Christiane’s direct style that doesn’t mince words.  Take for instance her review of  There Bar in Town Brookhaven:

“If we lived within striking distance of the vast and impersonal Town Brookhaven, we could see ourselves sitting at the bar of this improbably named and deeply opinionated little spot built on a more human scale than its neighbors.  Alas, the space has too many windows to be the dive bar the owners envisioned, and it is too bare-bones to qualify as a gastro pub.”

“The main reason to brave the daunting parking situation and soulless landscaping of an artificial neighborhood even less attractive than Atlantic Station and grandiose Forum/Avenues of suburbia is the magnificent burger THERE serves every night, a two patty wonder made of house-ground juicy bison with roasted poblano, white cheddar, avocado, red onion and spicy mustard in a good bun with sesame seeds.  Chef Ryan Hickey, an alum of Bocado (Howell Mill and 8th) also makes distinguished fried pickles that start with homemade pickles and puff deliciously in a judicious amount of batter.”

Well I am definitely going to venture “There” and try the bison burger!

UPDATE: Just returned from “There” and I say don’t just go there, RUN THERE!  The burger was exactly as Christiane described.  Heavenly.  As a matter of fact, it’s the best bison burger I’ve ever had.  Proprietor Bill Brown told me how everything is indeed made in house and the bison meat is ground daily.  It shows in taste, moisture and texture.  The cheesecake was homemade so I had to try it.  The flavor was Banana.  AMAZING too!  Score big for There!  We’ll be back.

More people need to know about Christiane and her Knife and Fork guide. Cliff Bostock from Creative Loafing also features Christiane’s reviews in C.L. as well.

You can subscribe to Knife and Fork by calling 404-378-2775.  (There is currently not a website.)

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