Captain America

Just saw Captain America at Regal cinemas Atlantic Station and I was pleasantly surprised!  Chris Evans literally transforms himself by adding over 20 pounds of muscle to play the part.  But playing the role as a younger character wasn’t as easy.  So producers used CGI to thin him down even more and the finished effect is great!  I had no idea but said leaving the theater that “Wow, they casting was great, both actors looked so much alike!”  Take a look at Chris “before” the serum was administered:


And then workout and diet extensively to add 20 pounds of pure muscle and look like this:


Evans told USA Today Weekend: “I said to Joe [Johnston, director], “Look, I know we want this to look good and this effect to not be distracting from the film, but it has to be my performance. I don’t want to share this. Your body is a huge piece of the acting puzzle, and I don’t want to have somebody else’s body tell the story that I’m trying to tell.’ So they did some tweaking and they did a bunch of tests and we went back to the initial plan to shrink my body.”

Evans does some extreme action sequences running barefoot through streets but movie magic shows how prosthetic feet protected the actors real feet.


And filming in Manchester during the winter wearing has gotta be cold!!


Fans of Marvel know to stick around after the credits (about 10 minutes-big payr0ll!) to see a preview of the next installment of Captain America!

Check out the brand new Regal IMAX theater at Atlantic Station.  And don’t forget the original monster Regal IMAX at Mall of Georiga is 5 stories tall!!