MelanSol 100% Natural Sunscreen


With all the recent talk about sunscreen, I began looking for a product that was as natural as I could find and protected me from UVA and UVB rays.   Your skin after all is the largest organ on your body!  I discovered MelanSol which is 100% Natural Skin care. MelanSol uses a dual combination of UV reflecting mineral pigments and potent antioxidants to help prevent sunburn.  The additional ingredients are helping my skin to condition, nourish, repair, rejuvenate and hydrate.

My first outing using MelanSol was the Atlanta Braves Game vs. the Toronto Blue Jays.  The game was at 1 p.m. and temperatures were hovering around 95+ degrees in the ball park.  I covered every part of my skin in Melansol SPF 30…from my ears to my toes!  I really liked the natural tint of the lotion and the consistency.  Read the ingredients for yourself.  MelanSol contains natural oils and extracts.   Three hours later,  no burn! My skin was soft and nourished.  I especially liked that MelanSol can be used on my face too.  No more burning eyes!  (You can even apply to your lips!)  Find MelanSol and start loving your skin without chemicals.   Watch this informative video on MelanSol.

Headed to the beach, experience paradise right here.