Cirque Dreams Holidaze is like a dream!


I had the pleasure of attending Cirque Dreams Holidaze at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center and was in a daze watching this amazing colorful show!  My mouth continuously dropped to the floor over the various theatrical stunts from over 30 performers from around the world.  CIRQUE DREAMS HOLIDAZE is an original new musical extravaganza filled (and I mean FILLED)  with spectacle, imagination and whimsical dreams.  Only someone with a wild imagination could have dreamed this all up!   Ornaments come to life as costumed characters who perform astonishing feats that celebrate the holiday season.  Even if you have A.D.D. you will LOVE this show because there is always more than one “act” to watch!!!  For instance, there is a scene in which a character assembles a crystal chandelier on his face and stacks candles in glasses on each tier.  (Victor Dodonov from Latvia.)  That would be enough, right? NO! This is Cirque Dreams!!! He walks up a ladder all the while people are dancing around him, characters, toys and elves.  (I was praying for him the entire time….)  I really enjoyed “A Symphony of Bells” in which Peterson Jardim (from Brazil and developed these totally entertaining vaudevillian sketches which are debuting in Cirque Dreams Holidaze,) leads actual members of the audience in a chorus of bell ringing!  Very funny and the kids and adults all went crazy over it!   “Everyone’s Flipping Out” is a team of two “Gingerbread Men”  (Tariku Degefa and Yonas Alemu) who do these incredible continuous flipping moves that again had me in awe and praying at the same time.  This is just some of the first half of the show!


20 minute intermission later part 2 brings more Holidaze entertainment including something I have always wanted to see in person.  “Gift Exchange” features two extraordinary performers: Jefferson Alexandre (Brazil) and Anastasiia Kriukova (Ukraine) master the art of Quick Change Illusion that brought me to my feet!  Outfit after outfit changes right before your eyes (you may have seen this on “America’s Got Talent” ).  Don’t go to the bathroom during this segment!!!  You’ll also enjoy Penguins, Bicycles, and the erotic “Angels in Flight” with USA’s own Julie Wacksman and Svitlana Guranchyk (who has 0 body fat and could hide a dime in his abs) gracefully float high over the stage like Angels.  (I know the Angels were with them because there was no net or cushion below and again I was praying for their safety!!! Gees, I did a lot of praying at this show. )


Rush to see Cirque Dreams Holidaze because the show is only in town through THIS SUNDAY, December 5th! Tickets, showtimes and more are here


Going to New York?  Have you seen this other holiday tradition!

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