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I am fascinated with the weather and love using The Old Farmer’s Almanac as a resource for winter and summer forecasts as well as monthly analysis all within 80% accuracy!  In addition, you’ll love the section on Astronomy, daily timetables, trivia and advice among countless articles that will intrigue and delight almost anyone of any age.  We’re on the cusp of winter precipitation!! For summer, visit the Old Farmer’s Almanac website or pick up a copy.  It’s the gift that keeps giving all year long!


Want it to snow this winter here in Georgia, well you’ve gotta Believe!


During my recent visit to LA on business,  my buddy Jim and I drove  to Santa Monica and had lunch at “Yankee Doodles” sports bar.  I was a little hungry, so I ordered the “Monster Burger” for lunch.  24 ounces of pure beef and loaded with toppings of your choice.  I couldn’t eat all the fries though.


Still hungry? head to Woodstock for the best Italian!

Rosa’s Law

A little girl named Rosa rallied all the way to Washington to ban the word “retarded”  and introduced “Rosa’s Law” to  replace the word with “intellectual disability” in federal language.  The power of one can go a long way.  Whenever I hear someone say “retard” or “retarded” I ask them to think about what they said and rethink their language.  Do it, do it for Rosa.

Now that you’re feeling good, look what my friends did!



I have always been fascinated by Google.  This company, now considered the most successful in the world, constantly improves it product and offerings to it’s users.  From the 2 BILLION searches a day to the infinite Google products, we as customers help Google generate over $21,000,000,000 a year!!  Watch this exclusive behind the scenes look at Google.

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