Buckhead Church 100 Years


Today Andy wrapped his series on TIME and how we need to live knowing our days are numbered.  God knows that number and even though we perhaps think we have it all figured out, we really don’t!  “Under the Sun” was a phrase from the book of Ecclesiastes repeated about 29 times.  (Andy says you should not start reading this book until you’re much older because if you started with The book of Ecclesiastes you’d wana lay down on train tracks!) I now have better understanding that there is Eternity in our hearts, knowing to fear God and follow his commandments, and in dealing with time, priority determines capacity. As Andy prayed with us all,  the stage became illuminated in red lighting and shimmers of white.  A solo piano began to play the Five for Fighting song “100 years” and the man bringing the song to life was Chris Cauley Simply amazing talent. His soulful voice captured the emotional element of the song, drawing me in.  I reflected on Andy’s message over the past 5 weeks.  Listening to the lyrics “...there’s never a wish better than this, when you only got 100 years to live” brought it all home.  Live for today, right now and celebrate all your blessings.  Having just lost two wonderful friends this past week  reminded me that we need to be present in the moment and the true gift IS the present.  Be filled with love and gratitude and thank God right now.

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