Farmer Tom


Well my friends were going out of town and asked me to take care of their chickens and of course I said YES! I was briefed on the entire operation (open container of food and fill feeder) and then did my own research (googled) so I decided I was ready! I put on my bicycle helmet to not hit my head on the low hanging roof and off I went. Chickens are interesting! They tend to mess wherever and whenever. So watch where you step I say! Every day they would be gathered in a corner waiting for me to feed them. The closer I got to the chicken house the louder they got and when I sprinkled some of the $35 food on the ground they went crazy. Who knew corn pieces and meal could be so delightful. Sometimes they got a treat of an iceberg lettuce head. Strapped to a stick and away they peck. What fun! I thought after a few days you get out of em what you put in em so I went to Costco and bought a huge bag of ground flax to mix in with their food and sure enough, richer looking yolks in all the eggs. Oh yeah, the eggs–one of the main reasons I decided to take on this task of feeding chickens for almost 3 weeks. Every day was like an egg hunt. Most of the time the chickens laid the eggs in the hen house but sometimes they’d drop em under the house, in the corners of the yard and so on. While they ate lunch, I would sneak over and pluck out the eggs. Sometimes they’d look at me and have this sad expression on their face. I thought that maybe they were coming back to sit on them or something and how could I steal their eggs!!! Oh whatever, gotta eat you know! On average I got about 5-8 eggs a day. Scrambled, fried and omelets to start my day. I even started making french toast which I hadn’t had in years–YUM! I scrubbed their hen house roof, washed their water bottle a few times and even installed a bottle of hand sanitizer outside their door for all visitors. (don’t wana get the chickens sick.)  All of this reminded me of Boy Scouts and when my mom would “egg me on” to get those merit badges!! I don’t remember taking care of chickens as part of my Eagle Scout mission but if it were, I’d have aced that badge.  Scouts honor!


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