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I am loving the series “Time” at Buckhead Church with senior pastor Andy Stanley.  This past Sunday was “take your boss to church day” and since I am my own boss, I took myself!  Trey and Marjorie Miller picked me up with their kids and off we went.  The church was packed and with many visitors (including bosses) who were experiencing Buckhead Church for the first time. Andy was “in his zone” as he delivered his message on Time injecting humor (as he often does) and bringing laughs throughout the entire church.   (It’s funny to say the word “church” when Buckhead Church is not what you might think of when you hear the word.    The worship band opened the service with a song from the rock group “Boston”.  Who needs coffee! )   The message for all bosses was “you can’t do it all yourself!”  Your strength’s further help a company grow and your weaknesses slow a company down.  Let others in your company help you and all involved shine!  This is a message that I wish so many of my previous bosses had heard and learned.  Towards the end of the message, Andy said I know a lot of the bosses are probably looking at their watch and thinking “when is this over” or you’re counting the lights in the ceiling (which I have done before but only because I am amazed at the lighting!)

Here is a checklist of what each of us (and bosses especially) can use to better not only our performance but make the best of our time.

Fully exploited strengths will allow you to create far more value for your organization than marginally improved weaknesses. The following exercises were designed to help you discover those strengths.

Discovery Questions:

  1. What do you do that is almost effortless from your perspective but seems like a daunting task to others?
  2. In what arenas do people consider you the “go to” person?
  3. What facets of your job energize you?
  4. What do you wish you could stop doing?
  5. What organizational environments are you drawn to?
  6. What environments do you avoid?

Discovery Project:

  1. Develop the ideal job description with your current job in mind.
  2. Develop the ideal job description with your ideal job in mind.

Watch Andy or listen to his podcast by clicking HERE.

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