Christmas in July!


I love Christmas and the holidays…just the thought gets me in the spirit.  Costco feels the same way I do too!  Stock up NOW on Halloween and Christmas!! HO HO HO! –now that’s scary.


Want to cool off?  Hop aboard this cool train!

Livin Small

We fill up our lives with so much stuff.  I remember George Carlin saying we get a place for our stuff and then need a bigger place for more stuff.  Imagine getting rid of a lot of material things and really downsizing–to an 8 foot x 12 foot home!  Jay went from over 4,000 square feet to a home he built and designed.  What amazes me is how spacious it really appears on the inside.  Take a look!


Here is something else that amazes me!


A refreshing late afternoon rain breeds new life into everything it touches.  Ahhhhhhhh!


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7 Ways to RUIN your resume

A job recruiter plows through resume after resume in minutes. What are some of the mistakes you might make that could ruin your chances at a job? Qualified for the job? Using a generic resume? 7 things you can do RIGHT to get the job! Click here for the list.


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Dino Bug (Wheel Bug)

Found this guy in the backyard today…reminded me of a Stegosaurus with wings or something from Avatar.  Awesome!  dinobuga

Here is something else I stumbled upon!

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