Remember how Ryan would sign off American Idol with the phrase, “Seacrest Out?”   Well now Ryan is saying that at the radio station that launched his career, Star 94 FM in Atlanta.  My buddy Ryan had been on air at Star 94 for a while now in afternoons but the show was syndicated across the country so it was the editing of production guru Doug Miller  adding in Ryan’s voice personalizing the station with Star 94 that made him sound live.   Ryan would alwyas ask me “buddy, how’s the show sound” and I would tell him all the elements are there except you aren’t!  Theres no way to interact with the Atlanta audience and sound really connected.  Case in point:  When Michael Jackson passed, Ryan couldn’t mention anything about it since the show airing that afternoon was from early that morning.     So the station where Ryan got his start “let him go” on Friday but keeping his A.T. 40 countdown on Sunday’s.   Read two blogs.  Rodney Ho (AJC) and Roddy Freeman.

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