Seagate and Muvee get married!


Marriage made on earth!

What happens when you combine the World’s thinnest portable drive with Muvee Reveal software?  You get the best of both worlds!

**Special Seagate Free Agent Drive loaded with Muvee Reveal software!**

I just purchased the Seagate Free Agent GO Ultra-Portable drive (500 GB) and absolutely love it.  The first drive I ever purchased over 10 years ago was a Seagate and I’ve remained a loyal fan ever since.  Consistent quality and innovation keep me coming back.

Small on size, but big on storage, the Seagate Free Agent Go drive is a small 4.72 in long x 3.15 inches wide to be exact.  (And just .49” thick)  I plugged the drive into both of my PCs (running both XP and Windows 7) and the installation software on the drive guided me through the simple setup.  I also installed Muvee Reveal (contained on this drive) and I highly suggest you do. Muvee Reveal will change your life! I plugged in a couple of backup Seagate drives loaded with pictures and added about 100 of them to Muvee Reveal.  Just 2 more steps to make your muvee!

Next I selected my music, and decided on one of the 10 pre-included styles which range from simple vanilla, smooth transitions to pulsing and thumping to the beat of the music, all perfectly synched.  Imagine, your images on screen with pans, zooms, fades, dissolves and more special effects all set to music.  Brilliant!! You can even add titles and credits!  I made a muvee of our friends daughter in just 15 minutes!  And with direct upload to Facebook and YouTube, you can share your home movies easily with friends and family. Or burn to DVD.  What an amazing surprise and great gift for any occasion.

In conclusion, the Seagate Free Agent Go drive is truly “ultra portable”, easy to use, durable, reliant, and includes Muvee Reveal software (which would normally cost about $80.00!!!)   Look for specially marked Seagate units when making your purchase.  I gave this Seagate drive to my dad who takes tons of pictures and doesn’t know what to do with them all.  Finally, something besides a tie for Fathers Day!


World’s thinnest portable drive and compact cable so easy to transport.

-No bulky external power supply needed, just connect with usb cable and GO!

-This special edition Seagate drive came loaded with Muvee Reveal software!

-Automatic backup software to easily protect data with included Seagate Management software.

-Powerful Encryption technology to keep important files and folders private.

-File Synchronization ensures you always have current versions of your files.

-Optional “FreeAgent Go Dock” allows for easy docking w/out cables!

-Smart Power Management saves energy and is Green for environment!

5 year limited warranty.

-Variety of colors to choose from including Silver, Black, Red, and Blue.

-Sizes 250GB, 320GB, 500GB, 640GB, 750GB, 1TB

-Works with Windows 7


-usb cable may be too short for some.  (But compact length easy to transport.)

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