I just had the thrill of seeing Avatar on the enormous Regal IMAX screen at Mall of Georgia.  Seeing a film on the Regal Imax screen is grand but Avatar is in 3D and brings you into the film.    (The Regal Imax Screen is the largest Imax screen in Georgia playing commercial films.  Don’t settle for less, it’s worth the drive to Buford to see Avatar or any film at Regal Imax.)

Avatar is the most stunningly beautiful film I have ever seen!  I had heard other people’s reviews of Avatar and was pleasantly surprised when I sat down and discovered the world created by James Cameron and his team.  The computer generated imagery is absolutely amazing.   I truly loved the “Seeds of the Sacred Tree” and the “Tree of Voices”.


Avatar is filled with beauty in all areas from the emotional bond shared by the Na’vi tribe and the animals  to the  spiritual connection we all share with the forest, with the planet, with each other.   The tropical jungle is Heavenly.  The lushness and greenery magically support all forms of life, human life as well.  (Imagine a world where people love and care for the environment.)   Even the energy from the trees illuminated the footsteps of those who walked on their majestic branches.  Simply beautiful.

When the film was over I was invited into the Imax projection booth.  The Imax process is amazing.  Avatar is the longest Imax film to date at Regal.  2 hours and 30 minutes or so means 48 reels of film were loaded onto the Imax platters. 48 reels spliced together!  Every 3-4 minutes another reel is pulled through the $1,000,000.00 plus Imax projector and form the magnificient image on the 5 story Regal Imax screen..  But double that amount for each “eye” of the Imax projector.  Imax has two “eyes” to read the 70mm film:  the left eye and the right eye and each reel is appropriately marked.


Imax projection and platters

I was surprised to learn that the audio is NOT on the film but on specially coded dvd’s that are loaded into a computer and play along with the film.  Talk about lining everything up just right!  The slightest glitch can cause the film to shut down.   The Imax bulbs are also slightly larger than your average light bulb!


The lamphouse on top of the IMAX projector utilizes two 15,000-watt liquid-cooled, short-arc xenon lamps. The lamps weigh 10 pounds each, and are nearly two feet in length. Costing more than $6,000 each. Because of the extreme high-pressure xenon gas inside the quartz glass envelope of the lamp, projectionists must wear ballistic safety gear when changing out a lamp. If dropped, the xenon lamp would explode with the destructive force of a hand grenade.

The average luminance of one of these xenon lamps is approximately 1.6 billion candles per square yard–about equal to that of the Sun as viewed from the Earth’s surface!  NASA uses this same type of lamp at the Kennedy Space Center to illuminate the Space Shuttle at night on the launching pad.

According to Sigourney Weaver, the brilliant special effects team in New Zealand worked approximately 47 hours on just one frame of film! Each frame is 1/24th of a second so you can imagine the immense amount of time required to make Avatar.

Go see Avatar.  Treat yourself and see it in 3D on the largest Imax screen in Georgia.  Avatar will be playing at Regal Imax through March.  For showtimes at Regal Imax Click here. And listen for my welcome announcement just before the movie starts!