Deals, saving money

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So I love a deal and who doesn’t…As you see deals around town, ways to save money,  send them to me and I’ll post them.

Comcast Cable:  Did you know Comcast may provide you with a reduced rate on your cable?  Call Comcast @ 404-266-2278 and follow prompts for “change in service/thinking of disconnecting service”.  I phoned Comcast and they offered me a $15.00 a month reduction in service for 6 months!!

Natural Gas providers:  Current fixed rate plan with GNG is $0.789 a therm.  Mention promo code DCMC to get your .10 per-therm discount.  1-866-665-9464.  Offer ends 4/4/2010.

Furniture:  We found DHI Furniture clearance center at Mall of Georgia has amazing deals on quality, name brand furniture.  up to 70% off! Visit their website by clicking here.

Magic Jack: People are ditching their landlines and using their cell phones.  Did you know “Magic Jack” allows you to simply plug a device into your USB port of your computer then plug in your standard land line telephone and make phone calls?  It’s FREE for local/long distance the first year, then just $20.00 a year after that.  Compare that for all the monthly fees you are paying your current phone provider at home.

Clearance: For example, in Target, always check the clearance sections at the ends of the aisles facing the walls….you have to walk past all the  “end caps” on each aisle to find the “clearance” and as of late, there is merchandise on clearance in different depts.  Did you know Wal-Mart has a clearance section? They’re scattered around the store.  Hunt them down.  And don’t forget retailers deeply discounts merchandise at the start of next season.  For example, all summer clothing, outdoor furniture, pool equip, garden supplies are all marked way down.  For example, end of summerTarget has 75% off above ground pools and 7,000 btu air conditioners!

GODADDY: Buying a domain? Always Google “” to get the link for $6.99 domains (.com) and that’s good for 1-10 years! Just remember your name, address and phone you register with  each domain purchase is then placed on the “WhoIs” website for the world to see so if you want your personal information to remain private, use your P.O. Box or business address, phone.  Speaking of phone, see “Google Voice” for info on your very own FREE phone number!

ONLINE COUPONS:  When you shop online and get to checkout page and see the box that says “coupon code” or “promo code”, that’s when you open up another browser window and do a google search for that  companies coupon code.  For instance,  you’re at and in check out do a search for coupon code…or free shipping.  Always type what coupon you want in a search to narrow the results.

Online Member deals:  Go to gmail or the provider of your choice and sign up for a “junk email” account.  Then use this email address for signing up for companies member rewards programs or online coupon delivery emails.  You’ll often times get deals that only members receive and not avail. to the general public.

Google Voice:  Here is something really cool and it’s FREE!  I really love Google.  They are always re-inventing the wheel and adding to their offerings.  Get a Gmail account (Free) and then sign up for Google Voice.  With Google Voice you can choose your phone number from most any area code and then that number can be set up to forward to any phone you want!  Forward to your cell, home phone, fax machine, a friends phone–you name it! With Google Voice you can listen in on messages being left (like the old answering machines where you didn’t pick up), record the conversation, ignore the call and more. Plus, every voice message is transcribed and then emailed to you!  Check it out now: Google Voice

Home Goods:  This store is a division of T.J. Max but the selection is HUGE and the prices are amazing.  This store is a destination for anyone looking for quality at off price savings.

Costco: While shopping my favorite COSTCO recently a vendor cooking up a new brand of pizza offered me a sample.  I really enjoyed it and she then told me to use my Costco coupon for $3.00 off a box!  I didn’t have the coupon with me (usually sent to members in the mail.)  She informed me that you can use ANY coupon from the current sales flyer on ANY item and the correct amount will be deducted as if you had the actual coupon.  So as an example, I scanned the box of pizzas and then scanned a coupon for a package of Kleenex (also in the current sales flyer) and the $3.00 for the pizza was deducted!  We love the convenience of that.

More to come