god stories

Each of us has a God Story of some kind.  Have you experienced something unexplained or been touched by what you consider a miracle?  An accident averted, a prayer answered, a life saved? God Stories is filled with light and love from people just like yourself who, like myself, at one time or another questioned does God exist.  We are fact driven people.  I need evidence to back up a claim as I form an opinion and sometimes find myself dismissing events that can’t be logically explained.  But as Jennifer Skiff says in her book, we all want the security that comes with having a certain future. And in this economy with so many people out of work and falling on hard times, what’s wrong with looking for answers, finding comfort and peace in a turbulent sea of life.

My friend Carolyn said to me she loved the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks (as did I) and at the end of the film Tom Hank’s character said “… tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?” I am open to the tide of change and welcome an even greater awareness of a universe filled with encounters of the divine.  What will you encounter today?

Jennifer is also looking for DOG STORIES! Place your paw here and c-lick!